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The Uniform Utility Tool™ is designed to help you always be inspection ready. The unique design allows the user to place the proper measurement against the uniform device, properly gapping the device and eliminating annoying redos. The mini-ruler allows for less common measurements. The tool will work for all U.S. military branches and makes a great gift. The back of the tool is adorned with 3D vehicles representing all of the major branches and is presented in very fine detail. The entire tool is casted in a zinc alloy and has undergone an antiquing process to give it a rugged and industrial look. There is also a light anti-oxidation coating to ensure the tool will look great for years and years.

**NEW AND IMPROVED** The design of the Uniform Utility Tool has been updated, lengthening the gauges for easier use and setting the thickness of the tool for 1/8" (for Marines!).

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